Rock salt is the principal de-icer because it’s the most readily available and cost-effective choice. It’s very coarse, and when broken into large granules, becomes easier to spread on roads and other surfaces. It’s the most common form of snow and ice melting.

When salt is applied to ice and snow, it creates a brine that has a lower freezing temperature than the surrounding ice or snow.

Because salt lowers the freezing point of water, the higher the concentration of salt, the lower the freezing point. Melting begins on contact and produces water, dissolving more salt and encouraging further thawing. The rate of melting depends on the surrounding air and ground temperatures. Other influences include the salt’s particle size and the amount of mixing, which is often caused by traffic.

De-icing chemicals remove ice from pavement by lowering the melting point of ice. Together, the de-icer and ice form a liquid brine that remains in liquid form at temperatures where pure water would typically freeze. The liquid brine seeps between the ice and pavement, breaking the bond and making it easier to plough. De-icers work faster and last longer than rock salt.

The following are some de-icing products and techniques used today:

  • Sodium Chloride: Also known as rock salt, this is the most inexpensive and commonly used de-icing product. Larger particle sizes are best for roadways, and progressively smaller particles perform well in areas like parking lots and sidewalks. It will work at -21 C; however, it’s most effective between -9 C and -12 C.

  • Calcium Chloride: Extreme cold is no match for calcium chloride! This product will work at -51 C; however, it’s most effective at approximately -31 C.

  • Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA): This product is an alternative de-icer with minimal corrosive properties.

All salt contains an anti-caking agent to help stop clumping. Most are clear or white; this particular salt manufacturer's product is blue for brand differentiation.

Even though salt freezes at -21 C, small amounts of moisture trapped inside particles can freeze at approximately -10 C, which causes clumping.

A small percentage of salt residue occurs in bulk road salt. This product is direct from the salt mine.

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Multiple factors may cause this since the moisture and density of salt are always different, which can cause discrepancies. Each salt manufacturer mines their salt differently. We purchase from multiple manufacturers; therefore, variances will occur.

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Draglam Salt offers bulk salt returns as follows: Up to 2 tonnes (2,000 kg) of bulk salt, no dumping fee applies, but there will be no refund issued for the minimal quantity returned. You may return bulk salt exceeding 2 tonnes (2,000 kg) for a 25% restocking fee. The remaining value of the bulk salt returned (75%) will be credited to your account. Bulk salt returns are subject to inspection and any poor quality salt or salt that contains debris will not be refunded, regardless of quantity.

These Draglam Salt locations accept bulk salt returns:

Please call 1.888.907.SALT (7258) for return inquiries.

Please call 1.888.907.SALT (7258) for return inquiries.